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Tulsa Lawn Maintenance 

Keeping Lawns Healthy & Attractive in Roger 

Do Anything Dave Services is a family-owned company providing lawn maintenance in Tulsa, Roger, and neighboring areas. We take care of our customers and the environment with quality lawn care and eco-friendly products and services. In more than 22 years in business, we have completed thousands of jobs and earned a solid reputation for outstanding service. 

Please call Do Anything Dave Services at (918) 612-8010 to learn more about our lawn maintenance services and set up an appointment. 

Maintaining a Healthy Lawn 

Staying on top of lawn maintenance in Tulsa can be challenging with busy lives, hectic work schedules, and family responsibilities. Your lawn care professionals can provide a variety of maintenance services, such as weeding, edging, and trimming bushes. Weeds are a common problem, and they can take over the lawn when not kept under control. 

Weeds can cause damage by: 

  • Robbing plants of nutrients – Healthy grass requires nutrients from the soil, water, and sunlight. Weeds can take up the nutrients and moisture that grass needs to grow, which makes the grass weaker and the weeds stronger. 
  • Weakening plants – Weeds can make your grass and plants weaker and less healthy by taking their essential nutrients. This can leave your lawn vulnerable to disease and pests. 
  • Taking over lawns and gardens – Weeds compete for space with grass and plants. When not kept under control, weeds can push out the healthy grass and take over the lawn and planting beds. 
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How to Keep Weeds Out

You can keep weeds under control with regular lawn mowing, weeding, and weed control services to remove weeds and produce fewer weeds in the future. Choosing the right weed control herbicide is essential to get the desired results. All herbicides do not work on every type of weed. Your lawn care professional can recommend the right products and methods to get rid of weeds and help you enjoy a lush, healthy lawn. 

If you want to keep weeds and grass out of your landscape beds, edging cuts a clean line that helps to prevent grass and weeds from growing into your beds or onto the sidewalk. This can stop weeds from taking over the garden. Edging also serves an aesthetic purpose by creating clean lines between your grass and the sidewalk, driveway, and landscape beds. 

In addition to lawn maintenance, it is important to keep your plants, bushes, and shrubs in good condition to create an attractive and healthy landscape. Regular bush trimming keeps bushes healthy and prevents them from becoming overgrown. Knowing when to trim the bushes, how much to trim them, and the branches that should be trimmed or left is difficult without the right training. Let a professional handle bush trims for a better appearance and healthier shrubs. 

Call for Reliable Lawn Maintenance 

At Do Anything Dave Services, we pride ourselves on punctual service and top-quality lawn maintenance in Tulsa. We can discuss your needs, evaluate the health of your lawn, and provide the services that you need to maintain a healthy and attractive lawn. 

If you need professional lawn maintenance, give us a call at (918) 612-8010 or contact us online for a free quote. 

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